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Vancouver to Guelph

sunny 33 °C

Today I flew out of Vancouver at 9am, and because of the time difference landed in Toronto at 4:30pm. Here a bus from the university picked us up at about 7pm, it was about 8:30pm and dark by the time we got to the university. I checked in and collected my keys, and went to discover my accommodation. The townhouse is really nice, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a communal kitchen and living area. But I was a little shocked to find that there was no appliances, bedding, or TV. I took a big trip to Walmart the next day to buy essentials, and decided I would wait until the others moved in before buying anything else.
As an international student we had a 3 day program of getting to know each other and the university. The amount of Australian's here is definitely not lacking, there are moments when we are all in a group that you could just be in Australia. When I introduce myself to other students I now get a 'ohhhhhh another Australian' reply. I have also been mistaken, multiple times as; South African, Kiwi and British. The Canadian's tend to get a little more excited about us.
My housemates include another Aussie girl in the same course, and 2 Canadian boys. One whose Mum was lovely, telling me she would bring up any kitchen equipment we needed and that I could come and visit in Toronto.
The university campus is amazing! It is so clean, and very pretty, but also humongous with the 25,000 students that go here. The university has its own campus police, football ground, ice hockey ring, swimming pools, 16 restaurants, dieticians, physios, massage therapists, and pretty much anything you can name, need or want.

Classes start on Thursday so I am looking forward to getting back into some sort of routine!


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sunny 36 °C

This morning I checked out Canada Place, and went on the Fly Over Canada ride. This was a simulated ride that made you feel like you were actually flying from the east to the west sides of Canada, over the amazing scenery. It would spray smells, and water or wind at times such as when the ride went through a waterfall. I then had gelato at the Bella Gelataria, winner of the 2012 Florence Gelato Festival (and in my opinion better than the 'best ice cream in the world' that I had in Banff). There are many streets in Vancouver that are recommended just to walk through and check out, so I went through Chinatown, Gastown and Main Street. Vancouver has many homeless people living on the streets, a lot obviously on drugs. Marijuana is practically legal in the city, with doctors prescribing it for something like back pain. For a young city, only about 150 years old, it was very run down.


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Vancouver - Stanley Park & Granville Island

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The first day in Vancouver, I visited Stanley Park and got on a hop on/hop off shuttle bus around the park. The park was opened in 1888 by Lord Stanley, and is a 1000 acre park surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Points of interest were the many memorial statues, Deadmans Island (where first Nations people buried their dead), the Rose Garden, Lions Gate Bridge, Lost Lagoon, and Beaver Lake. There are also many beaches here, one with an infinite pool. It is also a nice place to get a view of the North Shore Mountains, as well as Grouse Mountain. I also got off and walked parts of the famous 11km seawall that surrounds the park.

In the afternoon I did a walking tour of the market on Granville Island, and after explored the food market. The island was originally used for manufacturing purposes, but then a depression hit and it because very run down as there was no workers due to everyone losing their jobs, the place essentially became a dump. The idea then came about the build the island back up as a place for Vancouver's artists and unique manufacturers to begin to utilise as a base. The idea was successful and can still very much be seen on the island today. There are many stall and shops here, selling anything and everything from clothing, crafts and food.


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