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Downtown Anchorage

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The last couple of days I have ventured further than my hotel to see some of the sights of Anchorage. Most of the tourist activities are located only a 15 minute walk from my hotel.
Tuesday morning I started with an Anchorage Trolley Tour, an hour bus ride that took us around the CBD and explained some of the history and interesting facts about Alaska and Anchorage. The amount of seaplanes and aeroplanes that were at the airport was unbelievable. Alaska is home to 20% of the worlds small planes. 1 in 56 residents have a pilot licence, with 1 in 80 owning a plane.
After lunch I went to a short movie about the Northern Lights, it was a collation of photos one man has been taking since the 1980's, and has basically dedicated his life to capturing the lights.
Today I have been to the Anchorage Museum. This had a nice art gallery, and exhibits on Alaska, native tribes of Alaska, and the 1964 earthquake. It also had a new exhibit on pollution in our oceans. The gallery was great, but had a lot of information to take in.
After some lunch, I walked back to the hotel, stopping at Delaney Park to take some photos of the war memorial and the mountains in the distance. I also saw my first bit of wildlife... a reindeer. In a cage. I have no idea what Star the Reindeer was doing in a cage by herself, poor thing :(, all I know is that you can become friends on Facebook with her...
I am planning on walking down to Elderberry Park and Resolution Point very soon to get some photos of the ocean and mountains together. Both of these places are meant to provide beautiful views of Cook Inlet, Sleeping Lady and Mt McKinley ( the highest mountain in North America).


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Anchorage, Alaska

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Yesterday I finally arrived in Anchorage, after 3 flights from Melbourne, and very little sleep. I left Melbourne on Monday, and because of the time difference arrived here at 2pm on Monday afternoon. I am still feeling the motion of been on a plane :(
I haven't really ventured out yet, apart from to the supermarket across the road from where I am staying, and to the hotel restaurant.
So far all of the people I have come across have been so friendly. People in the street will say hello, and men will open doors and wait for you to pass, even when you are still quite far away. A man in the elevator kept apologising to me when I had to press the button myself! Every time I thank someone I get a 'Your most welcome' (say this with accent for better effect).
I have learnt Canadian's/American's are in love with tomato (tow-may-tow) juice. Drinking it at breakfast, lunch and dinner. And even with alcohol. The same seems to apply to milk, minus the use of it as a mixer.
Other differences so far are washroom, instead of bathroom. Garbage, instead of rubbish. And how everything is said in English, and then repeated in French, as this is the other main language for Canada. I also was a little tripped out when I forgot that the steering wheel was on the other side of the vehicle, and that they drive on the other side. I made a note to myself then to be extra careful when crossing the road.


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Safely arrived in Vancouver, Canada

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Hello everyone!

After a long, mostly sleepless flight, I have arrived safely in Canada. I am now waiting for my flight up to Anchorage in Alaska, where I cannot wait to have a shower and a nice long sleep :)


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