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New York City

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Hello all :)

I have had another two very busy weeks, with my best friend visiting from Australia. On the night of October 10th we both arrived into New York, to spend a week seeing the sights of the amazing city! It was a fantastic week, New York had so much to see and experience, it was different to anything I have seen so far, and good to spend some time in a built up area rather than mountains.

On the second day we headed to the 9/11 Memorial Museum, which as you can probably imagine was not an enjoyable experience. The museum was very well set out, however by the end of it we both felt pretty sickened by the event. It was very moving actually standing exactly where the twin towers stood, especially after seeing the footage played out so many times on TV during my life. There was an inside part to the museum, and then they have built in ground waterfalls where each of the buildings stood, with the names of the victims etched in the sides. The new World Trade Centre is close by and they seemed to have finished constructing it.
We also visited Battery Park and took the ferry out to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty, which was amazing to see in real life and so big!! We walked down parts of Broadway, and then Wall Street where we got to see the New York Stock Exchange. That night we had dinner and a walk through Times Square!

The next day we spent some time in beautiful Central Park, and also took in the Museum of Natural History. This is the museum that features in the movie Night at the Museum. The museum is enormous and took us about 6 hours to go through, and by the end of it we weren't even reading anything, just looking.

Day four was a big day, first of all we headed up the Empire State Building to see the amazing views of New York! I think we went to the 86th floor or something similar. We also saw the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, the New York Public Library, Madison Square Park, and Macys. We also walked down 5th Avenue and did some browsing of the many shops. That night we saw an NBA game, the New York Knicks played the Toronto Raptors. And good old Canada won. Which was a little disappointing as most of the fans were going for the Knicks. But the game was an experience, and so fun to watch!!

The next day we visited Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown districts. Here we got to go to the Friends TV show 20th Anniversary pop up café. 'Central Perk' was set up in New York for 2 weeks, where you can visit, buy a coffee and sit on the original couch from the TV show! They also have some outfits and props used in the show. This was amazing!! And thankfully we got there early and only had to wait for 3 hours.

Our last few days were spent doing some more shopping, going back to 5th Avenue and Times Square during the day, and generally just checking out the city :)

Will upload photos soon! Xx

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Hello again! ..

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Hi Everyone,

Haven't had a lot to write about lately now that I'm busy doing study, but I thought I would update everyone since my last post!

Gryphons won the Homecoming Game, the other team didn't actually score, and were sort of tipped to win. So my first experience of Canadian Football wasn't the most exciting, but the whole atmosphere was cool to experience. I still don't think I could explain the rules if asked, I just cheered when everyone else did.

Last Friday, the other Aussie girls and I got tickets to the ice hockey (or just hockey, as they say here). This was the last preseason game for the NHL, and also how we could afford it (normal season starts at about $300 plus). We watched the Toronto Maple Leafs play Detroit Red Wings. I think I have a new favourite sport! It was all very exciting, with lots of music, singing, and a packed out stadium of crazy fans. They even did the whole Kiss-Cam thing you see on the movies!! The Leafs won :)

On Friday, I am flying down to New York City, where my best friend is flying from Australia to meet me!! We are having a week here during Canadian thanksgiving break to see the sights. So far we have NBA tickets to watch the NY Knicks play the Toronto Raptors. Then we will head back to Guelph together where Kase will stay for another week :)

So.. expect a more exciting post in 2 weeks time! And more photos!!

P.S it is getting cold :(


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Uni Life

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Hi Everyone,

Uni is going along well, although it has been a little difficult to get myself out of holiday mode and back into study mode!
4 out of 5 of my subjects are wonderful, and I am really enjoying the style of learning that Canada uses. A large percentage of marks here are based on class participation, so instead of sitting there listening to a lecturer everyone is encouraged to participate. I find that the general level of education would be higher. The lecturers seem to really care about you and the subject they are teaching, it seems more than just a job for them. In Australia it would be completely normal for students to pass on 50% and nothing be said about it. In Canada students average about 70%, and if one is getting below this you are spoken to because there is concern about your marks. I find this concerning for students in Australia, as our grading system works the exact same way. In saying this though, my degree in Australia takes 3 years to complete, where as here it would be 4 to 5 years. I'm still trying to work out if they are spending way to long at university or if we are missing out on something. Students here also seem to really want to learn, and don't take their education for granted.

This Saturday we have the Homecoming football game. They have been setting up and practicing entertainment for this since yesterday afternoon, so I am looking forward to it :) The Gryphons play the Queen's Golden Gaels.

I was also told at the start of the week that it will be most likely snowing in 3 weeks time (I still only have thongs!).

I have taken some photos of my townhouse, and will upload them today.


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